The Pittsburgh Platform in Retrospect

LOOK INSIDE: The Pittsburgh Platform in Retrospect

Published 1985 – ISBN 0-915138-79-4

Dr Jacob Scan 25 - Pittsburgh Platform


Walter Jacob, Rodef Shalom Congregation, President of Religious Education Association of America, Author of America Reform Responsa, Christianity Through Jewish Eyes, translator of B. Jacob, Exodus, A Commentary, among other works.

Samuel Karff, Rabbi, Beth Israel, Houston, Texas, former editor of The Journal of Reform Judaism, Author of Hagadah, the Language of Jewish Faith and HUC-JIR At One Hundred Years.

Corrine Krause, Historian, University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie-Mellon University, Author of Grandmothers, Mothers and Daughters and Isaac W. Frank, Industrialist and Civic Leader.

W. Gunther Plaut, Scholar in Residence, Holy Blossom Congregation, Toronto, Canada, President of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, Author of The Torah Commentary and The Rise and Growth of Reform Judaism; Proverbs, A Commentary, among other works.

Robert W. Ross, Professor, University of Minnesota, Author of So It Was; “The American Church and the Nazi Persecution of Jews and Church and Synagogue”; Liberal Protestantism and American Reform Judaism 1865-1900.

Phillip Sigal (1927-1985), Professor, University of Michigan; Rabbi, Ahavas Israel, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Author of New Dimensions in Judaism, The Emergence of Contemporary Judaism Vol. I – IV, among other works.

Mark Staitman, Associate Rabbi, Rodef Shalom COngregation, Lecturer in Religion, Chatham College.


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