Liberal Judaism and Halakhah

LOOK INSIDE: Liberal Judaism and Halakhah

Published 1988 – ISBN 09-29699-00-9

Dr Jacob Cover 4 - Liberal Judaism and Halakhah


Peter Haas holds the Abba Hillel Silver Chair of Religious Studies at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland; previously he has held a professorship at Vanderbilt University. He is the author of Morality After Auschwitz (1988),Recovering the Role of Women: Power and Authority in Rabbinic Jewish Society (1992), and Responsa: A Literary History of the Genre (1996).

Walter Jacob is President of the Abraham Geiger College in Berlin/Potsdam; Senior Scholar of Rodef Shalom Congregation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; President of the Freehof Institute of Progressive Halakhah and the Associated American Jewish Museums. Author, editor, or translator of thirty-six books including Christianity through Jewish Eyes (1974), American Reform Responsa (1983), The Pittsburgh Platform in Retrospect (1985), Liberal Judaism and Halakhah (1988),The Second Book of the Bible: Exodus Interpreted by Benno Jacob (1992), Die Exegese hat das erste Wort (2002), Pursuing Peace Across the Alleghenies (2005), Hesed and Tzedakah – From the Bible to Modernity (2006), Napoleon’s Influence on Jewish Law (2007), and more than twelve hundred published essays and sermons.

Eugene Lipman was President of the Central Conference of American Rabbis; rabbi of Temple Sinai, Washington D.C. Author of A Tale of Ten Cities; among other books as well as studies and essays.

David Novak is professor at the University of Toronto. Author and editor of Law and Theology in Judaism (1974), The Image of the Non-Jew in Judaism (1983); Halakhah in a Theological Dimension (1985); Jewish-Christian Dialogue: a Jewish Justification (1989); The Theology of Nahmanides systematically presented(1992); Jewish Social Ethics( 1992); The Election of Israel : the Idea of the Chosen People (1995); Natural Law in Judaism (1998); Covenantal Rights : A Study in Jewish Political Theory (2000) and numerous essays.

Jacob J. Petuchowski was Sol and Arlene Bronstein Professor of Judeo-Christian Studies and Research Professor of Jewish theology and litrugy at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Cincinnati. Author and editor of over thirty books including Theology and Poetry (1978); The Lord’s Prayer and Jewish Liturgy (1978); Ever Since Sinai: A Modern View of Torah (1979); Heirs of the Pharisees (1986); When Jews and Christians Meet (1988); Studies in Modern Theology and Prayer, (1998); and more than six hundred published articles.



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