Dynamic Jewish Law

LOOK INSIDE: Dynamic Jewish Law

Published 1991 – ISBN 0-929699-03-3

Dr Jacob Cover 7 - Dynamic Jewish Law


Haim H. Cohn retired from the Supremem Court of Israel in 1981 after more than twenty years as Associate Justic and Deputy President. Earlier her served as Israel’s Attorney General and Minister of Justice. In addition to his mastery of secular law, he pursued rabbinic studies at Yeshivat Merkaz Ha Rav (Jerusalem). Among his many works are Jewish Law in Ancient and Modern Israel (1971), The Trial and Death of Jesus (1968, 1971), and Human Rights in Jewish Law(1984).

Walter Jacob is President of the Abraham Geiger College in Berlin/Potsdam; Senior Scholar of Rodef Shalom Congregation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; President of the Freehof Institute of Progressive Halakhah and the Associated American Jewish Museums. Author, editor, or translator of thirty-six books including Christianity through Jewish Eyes (1974), American Reform Responsa (1983), The Pittsburgh Platform in Retrospect (1985), Liberal Judaism and Halakhah (1988),The Second Book of the Bible: Exodus Interpreted by Benno Jacob (1992), Die Exegese hat das erste Wort (2002), Pursuing Peace Across the Alleghenies (2005), Hesed and Tzedakah – From the Bible to Modernity (2006); Napoleon’s Influence on Jewish Law (2007), and more than twelve hundred published essays and sermons.

Hyam Maccoby – (1924-2004) taught at the Leo Baeck College, London and in retirement at the University of Leeds. He is the author of many books including Judaism on Trial (1982), The Mythmaker(1986), Early Rabbinic Writings (1988),Paul and Hellenism (1991) and the play, The Disputation, among others.

W. Gunther Plaut is Semnnior Scholar at Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto, Canada. He is the author of seventeetn books, among them The Book of Proverbs, A Commentary (1961), The Rise of Reform Judaism, (1963), The Growth of Reform Judaism (1965), Unfinished Business (1981), Asylum, A Modern Dilemna (1995), The Haftarah Commentary (2000) and the edtior and princpal author of The Torah – A Modern Commentary (1974). Past presidednt of the Central Conference of american Rabbis and the past chair of its Responsa Committee.

John Rayner was the Distinguished Lecturer in Liturgy and Codes at the Leo Baeck College, London, and rabbi emeritus of the Liberal Synagogue in London. He is the author of Understanding Judaism (1996), A Jewish Understanding of the World (1997), Jewish Religious Law: A Progressive Perspective (1999), and many essays. He has been a major contributor to the creation of British and American liturgies.

Mark Washofsky is the Solomon B. Freehof Professor of Jewish Law, Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion in Cincinnati, Ohio. Chair of the Responsa Committee of the Central Conference of American Rabbis. He has published numerous studies in the field of Jewish law and legal theory. He is the editor of Teshuvot for the Nineties (1997), and author of Jewish Living and Practice (2000).

Moshe Zemer is Director of the Freehof Institute of Progressive Halakhah. He is a founder of the Movement for Progressive Judaism in Israel and founding rabbi of the Kedem Synagogue-Bet Daniel, Tel Aviv. He is Av Bet Din of the Israel Council of Progressive Rabbis and Senior Lecturer in Rabbinic at Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem. He has also contributed numerous articles on halakhah in the Israeli press and scientific journals. He is author of The Sane Halakhah (1993).



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