Only in America: The Open World and Jewish Law

LOOK INSIDE: Only In America

Published 2009 – ISBN 0-929699-21-1

Dr Jacob Cover 8 - Only In America

Samuel Adler (1809-1901) was rabbi in Alzey (Germany) and Temple Emnu-El in New York. An active participant in the rabbinic conferences in Brunswick, Frankfurt, Breslau, and Philadelphia, he fought vigorously for civil rights for Jews in Germany before emigrating to the United States in 1857. He was elected as honorary presidetn of the Central Conference of American Rabbis at its founding meeting in 1889. His collected papers were published as Kobetz al Yad (1886).

Walter Jacob is President of the Abraham Geiger College in Berlin/Potsdam; Senior Scholar of Rodef Shalom Congregation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; President of the Freehof Institute of Progressive Halakhah and the Associated American Jewish Museums. Author, editor, or translator of thirty-six books including Christianity through Jewish Eyes(1974), American Reform Responsa (1983), The Pittsburgh Platform in Retrospect (1985), Liberal Judaism and Halakhah(1988),The Second Book of the Bible: Exodus Interpreted by Benno Jacob (1992), Die Exegese hat das erste Wort (2002),Pursuing Peace Across the Alleghenies (2005), Hesed and Tzedakah – From the Bible to Modernity (2006); Napoleon’s Influence on Jewish Law (2007), and more than twelve hundred published essays and sermons.  

Peter Knobel is President of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, rabbi of Beth Emet, Evanston, Illinois. He is chair of the Liturgy Committee of the Central Conference of American Rabbis and past president of the Chicago Board of Rabbis. He is the author of papers on assisted suicide, homosexuality, and spirituality among other subjects; he is editor ofGates of the Season (1983), Duties of the Soul: The Role of Commandments in Liberal Judaism (1999), and the new American Reform prayer book.

Leonard Kravitz is professor of Midrash and Homiletics at the Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion in New York. He has served on the Medical Ethics Committee of the New York Federation of Philanthropies. Author of The Esoteric Meaning of Maimonides= Guide for the Perplexed (1988), Commentary on the Ethics of the Fathers (1992) with K. Olitzky.

Ruth Langer is Associate Professor of Jewish Studies in the Theology Department at Boston College and Associate Director of its Center for Christian-Jewish Learning. She received her Ph.D. in 1994 and her rabbinic ordination in 1986, both from Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Cincinnati. Her research focuses on Jewish liturgy and Jewish-Christian relations. Along with numerous monographs, her books include To Worship God Properly: Tensions between Liturgical Custom and Halakhah in Judaism, Cincinnati (1998); Liturgy in the Life of the Synagogue: Studies in the History of Jewish Prayer, ed. Ruth Langer and Steven Fine, Winona Lake, Indiana (2005).



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